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What is Jasaconnect?

Track Every Aspect of Your Business

What Every Field Service Business Needs

Interactive Scheduler
Do multi skill technician matching & match technician with the best rating & SLA records.
Smart Sync
No internet connection in job location? Not to worry, with smart sync you can complete job while offline. Our system will sync it back up once internet connection established.
Dynamic Workflow
Would you like to implement your business processes for technicians to follow? With Dynamic Workflow, You can customize your technician app to follow your business processes.
Intelligent dispatcher
With our intelligent dispatcher, you can distribute tasks automatically without having to manually dispatch to your technicians.
Personnel Management
  • See top performing personnel in regards to income.
  • Let your personnel withdraw or deposit their income automatically.
Customer History
See customer history such as past jobs done and review of these jobs. This helps you conduct future jobs better.

Generate Client Mobile Apps

Connect Vendor

Are you looking to outsource your services to third party vendors?

Are you looking to outsource projects to third party vendors?

Are you looking for a software to run on demand services or 3rd party services and outsource it automatically to third party vendors?

If yes then our proprietary Connect Vendor is the software for you.

You can plugin to our engine automatically via our API or IFrames for Speed.

Receive orders and dispatch automatically to your vendors via programmable SLAs, Packages and Workflows.

Enterprise Level Solutions with Connect Pro

Advanced Workforce Scheduling
Schedule Jobs to Field Personnel via Calendar. See Schedule Per Personnel before allocation. Supports automatic scheduling via Rules.
SLA Advanced Tracker
SLA Advanced Tracker consists of a timer which tracks time of the SLA, Status of the SLA, Time SLA has elapsed and time the SLA has left before elapsing.
Scheduled Maintenance
Allow flexible creation of maintenance plans allowing maintenance intervals created automatically.
Manage Multi Branches
Manage Multi Branches all from one dashboard including tracking incomes, orders and efficiency.

Choose your plan

Simple pricing. no hidden charges. Choose a plan fit your needs

Rp. 250.000

  • 5 Field Personell
  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Freelance or Full time Technician
  • Wallet

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Silver Lite
Rp. 1.000.000

  • 25 Field Personell
  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Freelance or Full time Technician
  • Wallet

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Gold Pro
Rp. 2.500.000

  • Up to 50 Personell
  • Multiple Branches
  • Advanced Workforce Scheduler
  • Dynamic Workflow

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Happy Partners

Profit Sharing

Make your field personnel your business partner

Percentage Commission per Job

Create a sense of ownership for your Mobile personell by providing a percentage of revenue provided to you by the mobile personell

Flat Fee per Job

Increase ownership and incentive amongst your Mobile Personell by giving them an incentivised fee per job completed

SME Solutions

ATM Repair & Maintenance
Networking and Cabling Services
Printer Service
POS Instalation & Upgrade
Alarm and Security Maintenance
Laptop and Dekstop Service

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