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  • View Total Sales
  • Sales of the Month
  • Last Month's Sales

Revenue per Service

  • % Revenue per Service

Field Personnel Summary

  • Idle & Busy Field Personnel
  • Total Field Personnel Per Service

See Technician Earnings

Number of Jobs Completed

Distinguish between :
  • Commision based employees and full-time employees
  • Online and offline technicians
  • See technician allocated per service

Track Location of Field Personnel

  • See Last 5 Locations
  • See Start Route
  • See Current Location
  • See Time Taken From 1 Job location to another
  • Compare Tracking of 2 or More Field Personnel

Monitor Orders

  • Close Work Orders
  • Open Work Orders
  • Claim Orders
  • Source of Work Orders
  • Progress Of Work Orders
  • Which Personnel is Taking the Work Order

See Total Sales with All Branches

  • See Sales of Head Office
  • See Sales of Each Branch
  • Compare Sales of Branches
  • See Sales History of Company

See Sales MOM Per Branch

  • Compare Sales of Branches
  • See Sales History of Branch
  • Compare Historical Sales Per Branch

Monitor SLA Compare

  • Compare Vendor SLA Breaches
  • Compare SLA Breaches Per Personnel
  • See Resolve Time Per Service
  • See Response Time Per Service

Share Profit With

  • White Label Solutions
  • Managed Service Solutions
  • Vendor Management Solutions
  • See Your Earnings
  • Withdraw Your Earnings
  • Top Up Your Money Owned
  • See all historical top ups and withdrawals

Increase Number of Field Personnel without increasing your overheads

Hire freelance technicians and surveyors and pay them per job done.
Pay Your Field Personnel such as technicians or Surveyor Per Job Done.
Reduce your admin workload and Let your field Personnel withdraw their income straight to their bank account.

Generate Client Mobile Apps

Design Mobile App To Suit Your Needs

Choose your plan

Simple pricing. no hidden charges. Choose a plan fit your needs

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Connect Lite

Rp 250.000

Service Providers Electronic Repair Massage Beauty Auto Repair
5 Field Personell
Realtime Order Tracking
Freelance or Full Time Technician
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Connect Pro

Rp 1.000.000 / Branch per Month

Multiple Branches Electronic Distributors Appliance Distributors Service Centers Franchises
100 Personell/Per Branch
Realtime Order Tracking
Advance Scheduler
Dynamic Workflow
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Connect Vendor

Rp 25.000.000 /Month

Outsourcing Companies Brand Owners 3rd Party Vendors
Up to 100 Vendor
100 Personnel Per Vendor
Up to 10,000 Personnel
OutSource Your Orders
Manage Multiple Vendors
Manage Multiple Projects
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White Label

Unlimited Field Personnel Pro or Lite

10% Of Revenue for Services
On Demand Service Player
Minimal Revenue
of 20 Million/Month for Lite

of 50 Million/Month for Pro

Plan Overview

Connect Lite

Connect Lite uses the power of field management software as its core to help companies such as SMEs provide on demand services to their clients. The robust nature of Connect Lite allows users to generate their own app, receive orders from multiple clients via a public API.

+ Features Include

  • Work Order Management System
  • Sales and Order Overview
  • Personnel Management
  • Packages and Promotions
  • Mobile App Generator
  • Online Support
  • Smart Sync
Connect Lite
Connect Pro

Connect Pro

Connect Pro is suitable for businesses with multiple branches such as suppliers & distributors of products who require add-on services such as installation to sell their products.

These businesses are also able to provide paid repair and maintenance services to users of their products or similar products who have passed their guarantee period. In addition Connect Pro supports businesses who need to sell products as well as services.

In addition to features in Lite, in Connect Pro, you see everything from a Branch or Head Office Point of View.

+ Features Include

  • Sales and Profit Overview Per Branch
  • Sales and Profit Overview Head Office
  • Inventory Management System
  • Supports Selling of Goods with IMS
  • Supports Selling of Services with IMS
  • Work Order Management System
  • Business Process Generator

White Label

White Label is reserved for ex, new or current players in the on demand industry. Ex players who would like to brand themselves out and already have a crop of top field service personnel be it massage therapists, aircon technicians, cleaning service personnel will be able to expand fast with full support from our top team.
White Label

Vendor Manager

White Label
Are you looking to outsource your services to third party vendors?
White Label
Are you looking to outsource projects to third party vendors?
White Label
Are you looking for a software to run on demand services or 3rd party services and outsource it automatically to third party vendors?
White Label

If yes then our proprietary Connect Vendor is the software for you.

You can plugin to our engine automatically via our API or IFrames for Speed. Receive orders and dispatch automatically to your vendors via programmable SLAs, Packages and Workflows.

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