Connect CRM

All in one Sales and Support CRM for your business. Grow your business, Retain your customers, Sell More.

What is Connect CRM?


  • Compare Sales Personnel Head to Head via charts.
  • Forecast Sales for Your Personnel.
  • See Performance and Conversion Rate.
  • Increase your sales.


Work Together with team mates via shared calendar, tasks, activity collaboration including sending emails, proposals and contracts in one place. Receive automated notification updates.

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  • Send Proposals, Estimates, Contracts from Connect CRM.
  • Track Value of these Contracts.
  • Customers can approve these contracts digitally.
  • Track Customers who have accepted or rejected this offer online.


Set Individual or Team Goals for your sales team such as monthly or yearly income they bring in. Once set these goals are tracked automatically by the system.


Support your clients using our in built ticketing system for their technical, billing or other requests. Assign this ticket, Reply to this ticket, Add Notes to this ticket, Set Reminders to this ticket and even Convert this Ticket to Task.


Plan, Created and Execute your projects efficiently with our task management tool, file sharing & billing tool.


  • Connect your invoices to the customer dashboard or even send invoices every month
  • Automatically to their email. Connect these invoices to a payment platform to get automated
  • Approval and notification of payment. Record and track expenses of your Sales personnel.

Connect CRM Features


Lead Tracking & Web Forms

Email Integration


File Sharing

PDF Export



Sales Correspondence

Automated Emails

Email Templates

Contract Management

Email Management

Expense Tracking

Customized Email Builder

Sales Tracking

Deal Pipeline

Lead Management

Sales Analytics

Sales KPI Overview

Sales Funnel


Auto Invoicing

Payment Tracking

Detailed Reports

Record Expense

Payment Gateways


Track Incoming Tickets

Create Ticket

Knowledge Base


Activity Report

Productivity Analytics


Productivity Comparison


Goal Setting

Goal Tracking

Sales Personel Comparison


File Sharing

Task Billing

Task Management



Gantt View


Roles and Access Rights

Support Predefined Replies

Ticket Priorities

Connect CRM On Premise

If you prefer to use a hosted version of Connect CRM on your server due to organizational reasons. You can get full control over data, and source code access.

I Want To Know More

Why Connect CRM?

Manage your Sales, Finance, Support and IT division in one centralised cloud based platform.

Track Deal Flow from One Place

With Deal Flow Management in Kanban view you can instantly track different deals of your sales personnel and instantly do discussions in the office or remotely.

Automate emails and templates from one place

Create and Edit Templates such as when a lead converts to a client to help give standardized customer service to your clients

Provide solid customer support with our ticket management system

When a client creates a ticket for a problem he or she faces, this ticket will automatically be broadcasted to the team responsible and the progress of solving this issue can be tracked in our ticket management or support page.

Track Payment via auto invoices and autopay features

Instead of painstakingly creating invoices every month, use our auto invoice feature to auto generate invoice monthly and connect to a payment gateway or bank of your choice.